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A Perth hair-net

Knots in a net – Solmuja verkossa on 2022-5-23
Oh, I wish I could see a colour picture or just a better picture of this hairnet. That might happen someday and I’ll adjust my version according to it. That’s the magic of research. But for this project, let’s go with a small, black and white read/watch more

The Ultimate Packing List

Handcrafted History on 2022-5-15
In Sweden, the historical camping season has begun, and with that lots of clever reenactors are sitting at home, working on their packing lists and piling their things in large heaps. For your convenience and enjoyment, I have asked around … read/watch more

June Dragon’s Tale has been published

Drachenwald Blog on 2022-5-15
Greetings good people of Drachenwald! The Chronicler has published a new Dragon’s Tale for your enjoyment. This links directly to the current newsletter (.pdf), and does not need a password. If this doesn’t work you can follow this link to the read/watch more

SCA feastgear: 16th century German

The lazy reenactor girl on 2022-5-14
In my SCA game I spend a lot of time and energy on the items that I eat and drink with. What we call feastgear is, for me, accessories the same way shoes, hats and bags are! My goal is to have a full set of feastgear with all my garb sets. For me a read/watch more

About dangerous business

Ava's Corner on 2022-5-10
Boy, do I have a story for you today! It involves mystery, murder and… a latrine… Allow me to take you back to the beautiful year of 1076. Yes, the days without proper indoor plumbing. I realise that doesn’t sound very romantic, and trust me it gets read/watch more

Skjoldehamn Undertunic 2

Ava's Corner on 2022-5-8
Hi all, it has been a weird few weeks for me in which there were quite a few curveballs. But hey, that is called life, and there will always be times in my life when bronchitis is on the agenda and nothing else. I got through it! And I am back to my read/watch more

Shopping for feastgear: the links

The lazy reenactor girl on 2022-5-7
My friend Duncan, who also is a fan of feastgear, and I has tried to compile a list of some vendors who either makes and sells or just sells feastgear of different kinds. Some have the works, some do knifes and some do pottery. I’ve also chosen to read/watch more

Haraldskjaer sprang hairnet

Knots in a net – Solmuja verkossa on 2022-5-4
I read about Bronze and Iron Age hairnets while researching the chronological order of hairnets and found several made with sprang. Most of these are researched in Margarethe Hald’s book Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials, where she also read/watch more

The Bauren dress

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2022-5-1
I have been working on a new dress, or a complete outfit actually. There is not enough with just a dress to create an outfit, it consists of a little bit more than that. The outfit that I have made is for a farmer, a woman of the Bauren class. The read/watch more

Food in the Middle Ages: 15th century

The lazy reenactor girl on 2022-4-30
The Decameron, Flanders, 1432 In the 15th century people lived by the saying “you are what you eat”, what you ate determined how you felt. The ancient idea about the four fluids in the body was still going strong. Blood, phlegm, yellow bile and read/watch more

Padding your hairnet

Knots in a net – Solmuja verkossa on 2022-4-27
I was showing how to braid and tape two braids in place for a renaissance look just the other day. My hair is silky, slippery, quite thin and very long, reaching my thighs. Still it was remarked and I agree, my natural hair doesn’t even come close read/watch more

Ffraid for Alexa Pologrinus

Scriptura et Pictura on 2022-4-24
I've got a bunch of vellum offcuts, of really lovely quality but of varying size and shape. One was large enough that I could've gotten a good-sized rectangle out of it, except it had a great big hole in it. Then I remembered that I've had a blog read/watch more

SCA feastgear: 15th century

The lazy reenactor girl on 2022-4-23
In my SCA game I spend a lot of time and energy on the items that I eat and drink with. What we call feastgear is, for me, accessories the same way shoes, hats and bags are! My goal is to have a full set of feastgear with all my garb sets. For me a read/watch more

Ffraid for Catherine of Carey

Scriptura et Pictura on 2022-4-23
My first scroll in more than two years, thanks to the pandemic. I have struggled a lot with impetus, energy, creativity, and space, both mental and temporal. But the principality signet was in need of scribes at a point where I felt like I had all read/watch more

Green Oak

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2022-4-22
I really, really want to get refocused and ready to rejoin SCA life. I should start by reattaching my brain to Órlaith’s and do some research, right? Órlaith’s brain is full of interesting (to her at least) projects and A&S ambitions, Cee’s is read/watch more

Want to live in a Historical Tent?

Handcrafted History on 2022-4-20
I could call myself somewhat of a pro at living in historical tents, or more accurately, sleeping bad and freezing in historical tents… Therefore, I present to you a guide on how to choose your tent and live comfortable in … Continue reading → read/watch more



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