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Drachenwald Company of Archers

The Company is designed to promote archery within the Kingdom of Drachenwald. The company run KIngdom wide competitions and track the scores of archers all over the Kingdom so that they can be recognised as their skills improve. It has been a pleasant surprise to many an archer to read in announcements or hear in Court that they have achieved a new rank with the Company of Archers!

They are also responsible for the education and training of archers, and for continuing historical research into archery methods, equipment and techinologies.

The Captain General of Archers is the head of the Company and represents the Company before the Crown, and reviews and amends a set of rules for the Company as needed.


The Company is open to all archers of the Kingdom of Drachenwald who meet any requirements set out in the rules. Their scores are tallied at official shoots and members attain ranks within the Company by proven effort and skill within archery. All members should be of good standing within the Society for Creative Anachronism; however, they are not required to hold paid membership.


Within the Drachenwald Company of Archers there are the five ranks: Companion, Archer, Yeoman, Master Archer and Grand Master Archer. Once you have achieved a rank within the Company of Archers, it is permanent. Subsequent scores will not set you back in the rankings.

  • Companion: To become a Companion, an archer must complete three shoots within a two-year period. These may be any of the official Kingdom rounds as set out in the Kingdom archery rules. Archers may submit one score per official SCA event or SCA practice, or two scores from any event that is longer than five days.
  • Archer, Yeoman & Master: To become an Archer, Yeoman, or Master, an archer must complete three shoots as per the Companion rules. Additionally, each of the three scores must be at or above specific scores - these are detailed in the Company of Archers Rules and Ranks document (and you can see the badges you learn for each rank too.)
  • Grand Master Archer The purpose of the rank of Grand Master is to promote excellence in all aspects of period archery, not just attaining high scores. New Grand Masters will be invited to join the rank following a poll of existing Grand Masters.

Handbooks and authorisation forms

We take safety seriously. ‘Authorisation’ refers to a person who wants to become a marshal passing knowledge and practical tests to gain their marshalling warrant: a bit like taking a driving test before getting your license.


Use a form to submit a marshal’s report for your region.


Read the rules and download the score sheets.

Equipment divisions

Read a description of the equipment used in Drachenwald competitions.

Drachenwald Company of Archers



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Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal Points of Contact

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Mícheál Breathnach Mícheál Breathnach (He/Him)

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Hirka den Högljudde

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Kier of Eplaheimr (Kieran Veale) (He/Him)

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